About Us

About Us

PT. Gadingputra Samudra

PT. GADINGPUTRA SAMUDRA was founded in 2012 and its objective is to create new value to meet its shareholders expectations through the continuous improvement of Offshore Support Vessels Operation, Transportation & Shipping of Goods through the attention to the needs of its employees and the commitment to a sustainable growth pattern also encompassing the careful assessment of the environmental impact of its activities and the development of innovative and efficient technologies.

To  achieve  this  objective  PT.  GADINGPUTRA  SAMUDRA  relies  on  the  managerial  and  technical capabilities as well as the continuous development of its workforce, and on an increasingly lean and Entrepreneurial organization.

The objective of this  QHSE  plan  is  to promote Quality, Health,  Safety  & Environment  of person working with PT. GADINGPUTRA SAMUDRA and prescribe certain rules, procedures and safe practices in order to create a working environment free of condition and factors that might contribute to an accident or injury /Illness. The specific QHSE plan will provide guide line for safe execution of project.

PT. GADINGPUTRA SAMUDRA also aims to provide the valuable clients with services that meet with quality and safety requirements as set by International Standards. With this affiliation, we can provide a total offshore marine services for the Oil and Gas Industry. “QHSE IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESSS”